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Licensed and Bonded Mold Damage Restoration Services in Phoenix

The moment your home or business is introduced to a significant amount of moisture or water source, like in the case of a leaking roof or flooding, your property is already at risk of mold infestation. You should stop mold ASAP because it only takes somewhere between 48-72 hours for it to spread across your property. Once mold has settled, your home or business will become a breeding ground for allergens and irritants that can potentially cause health problems for the occupants of the affected property. If you suspect that mold has already infiltrated your home or business has a mold problem, then you should waste no time in calling ASAP Restoration. Our mold experts have the training, expertise, and equipment to deal effectively and safely with a mold infestation and help you get everything back to normal in the process. We also work well with insurance companies, which should ease the burden on your part and help you return to your normal routine. ASAP Restoration gives the best mold removal Phoenix has to offer, and our process is always professional and effective. Mold Inspection: Our professional mold removal process starts with a thorough mold inspection of your property, which would allow us to pinpoint specific areas where mold needs to be removed. Mold Testing: The moment we identify all areas affected by mold, we take samples and send them off for testing, which will help us determine if the mold damage in your property poses a health risk. There are different types of mold, and some of them, like black mold, can be very toxic. Mold Removal: Once the test results come back and we learn the toxicity levels of the mold, we can begin removing it. Our professional mold cleaner is equipped with protective gear and specialized systems that will allow the safe and effective eradication of mold from your property. Mold Restoration: With all signs of mold eliminated from your property, we then start the process of restoring your property. By the time we’re done, your home or business will be back to its original state before infestation.

Mold Removal Process

At the first sign of mold infestation, you have to call certified mold cleaning and restoration services right away. That’s because in many cases, the mold may have already contaminated the insides of walls long before you noticed the signs, and only through a mold removal specialist can you make sure every bit of mold is spotted and tested. The duration of the mold eradication process depends on the extent of the infestation. If the mold isn’t toxic and hasn’t contaminated a significant area in your property, a couple of days should be enough to get the job done. In extreme cases of toxic mold infestation, however, the job could take weeks. You might even need to be housed somewhere else for safety reasons. In any case, ASAP Restoration will work with your insurance for a stress-free and streamlined process of paying for the mold removal and housing. That’s the type of mold restoration services Phoenix residents have come to trust, and we provide in spades.

Types of Mold Damage

For mold damage in homes and businesses, there are three common types: Aspergillus: The most common type of mold, aspergillus can cause allergic reactions in humans. This family of mold is found in food as well as in home air conditioning systems and ducts. Cladosporium: This type of mold is also commonly found in homes and businesses. Its appearance resembles black pepper, and is classified as non-toxic. However, exposure to its spores can still trigger allergic reactions and irritate your skin. Stachybotrys: Also referred to as black mold, stachybotrys is a toxic type of mold that poses a health risk to anyone who comes into contact with it. Stringent safety measures such as the use of protective gear need to be implemented when removing stachybotrys mold damage.

Identifying Mold Damage

Telling one type of mold from another could be difficult, and that’s why we do not recommend that you remove mold yourself. Different types of mold could come in several colors, may have a similar appearance, or could be more dangerous than others. Expert detection is crucial, and the only way to identify mold spores accurately is to get them under a microscope and tested. That’s why the moment our mold removal specialist gets samples, we readily send them to a reputable laboratory to identify the exact strain. Call ASAP Restoration today at (602) 515-7918 to set up a free home inspection.

24-Hour Emergency Restoration

ASAP Restoration, LLC provides 24 hour water extraction, water removal, water restoration, fire restoration, mold removal, mold remediation and environmental testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona and the surrounding areas. Emergency Response Restoration for all types of damage.

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ASAP Restoration is an insurance preferred contractor, and we are held to the highest standards not only of transparency but also of work quality. With our long and vast experience working with claims adjusters, you can be sure that all aspects of the job that we will do for you will be covered once you file your claim.

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