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fire and smoke damage restoration

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair in Phoenix

The sight of your property going up in flames is traumatic enough. Dealing with its aftermath is even worse with all the fire damage that only reminds you of what you just lost.

At ASAP Restoration, helping you come to terms with the disaster and move on by initiating the fire and smoke damage restoration process is the primary focus of our business. With our 24/7 restoration services, we can work to seamlessly restore your house or business to the way that it was before the fire. We may even be able to help preserve and recover items that may have sentimental value to you.

When you call us for fire damage cleanup and restoration, you can rest assured that working with your insurance firm won’t be a problem, as ASAP Restoration is a fully licensed and bonded company that has been serving the Phoenix area for many years now.

Our fire and smoke damage restoration process is state-of-the-art and thorough. The steps we take include:

  • Removal: The restoration process always begins with removing fire damage ASAP before it becomes a lingering health hazard. The professional and experienced crew of ASAP Restoration is adequately trained and equipped to remove and dispose of damage in the safest and most effective manner possible.
  • Repair: The next step would be fully repairing any structural damage and addressing health hazards. As a restoration company Phoenix AZ residents have come to trust, ASAP Restoration continually adheres to the highest industry standards when our restoration experts deal with charred remnants of the property, water damage from fire hoses, and other forms of contamination.
  • Restore: We don’t consider a job finished until the home or business owner gives our work a thumbs-up. With our policy of eliminating every single sign of fire damage and making sure the property is back to its original state before the fire, we at ASAP Restoration have earned quite a reputation among fire damage contractors in the Phoenix area.

Always Call a Trusted Professional

The dangers of smoke damage

If you don’t contact the best fire damage restoration Phoenix has to offer and act on smoke damage right away, you and your family may be exposed to its dangers in the long term, which may include :

  • Serious eye irritation and damage
  • Throat and nose irritation
  • Exposure to carbon monoxide, which is extremely hazardous if inhaled; a breathing mask is essential
  • Respiratory issues
  • Oxygen supply problems for the body
  • Depressed immune system
  • Increased risk of cancer, lung disease, and even cardiovascular disease.

ASAP Restoration Can Handle Any Type of Smoke Damage in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

Smoke damage is an unavoidable consequence of a fire, and it has several types that impact a property one way or another. The members of the ASAP Restoration team are all capable of identifying the specific damage accurately and taking appropriate action right away. Wet Smoke Residue: The water that responding firefighters use to put out a fire practically guarantees the presence of wet smoke residue in the aftermath. Easily absorbed in unfinished wood and fabrics, wet smoke residue leaves a strong odor, and often makes cleanup a bit more difficult because it smears. Dry Smoke Residue: Dry smoke residue is typically produced by high-heat, fast-burning fires supplemented by lots of oxygen. Created by burnt wood and other dry items, dry smoke residue is easier to clean and remove as it hasn’t soaked deeply into surfaces the way wet smoke residue does. Rubber and Plastic Smoke Damage: Plastics and rubber burn quickly and easily even at lower temperatures. The heavy residues created by the burning process are quite toxic. They can travel long distances, damage metals and other items, and endanger one’s health. Oven Fire Damage: Also referred to as protein smoke residue, oven fire damage occurs when an oven fire breaks out while meat or poultry is being cooked. Typically, oven fire damage is contained to a small area, but it still needs to be cleaned, removed, and restored by a professional armed with specialized knowledge, equipment, and detergents. Fuel Oil Soot: If you have an oil furnace, then you are a potential candidate for fuel oil soot, a jet-black, messy type of soot that could potentially cover an entire room if an oil heating system breaks down and causes a puffback. Call ASAP Restoration today at (602) 515-7918 to get a free home visit and analysis. We provide fire damage and home repair services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Call ASAP Restoration, LLC for all of your Phoenix fire damage or Phoenix home repair needs immediately at (602) 515-7918.

24-Hour Emergency Restoration

ASAP Restoration, LLC provides 24 hour water extraction, water removal, water restoration, fire restoration, mold removal, mold remediation and environmental testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona and the surrounding areas. Emergency Response Restoration for all types of damage.

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ASAP Restoration is an Insurance Preferred Contractor

ASAP Restoration is an insurance preferred contractor, and we are held to the highest standards not only of transparency but also of work quality. With our long and vast experience working with claims adjusters, you can be sure that all aspects of the job that we will do for you will be covered once you file your claim.

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