If you suspect that you may have mold growth in your property, do not hesitate to contact ASAP Restoration immediately. Mold contamination can be hazardous to your health and cause a variety of different health problems. We also work with realtors, property management companies, business owners, renters, etc to help determine if mold growth exists in any property. Call now for assistance with a mold inspection.

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Thorough Mold Inspection Process And Service In Phoenix

The mold inspection process is one that consists of a professional mold expert properly assessing both the extent of the mold damage and if in fact the property in question does indeed have mold growth throughout the property. An easy way to tell if there is mold damage is if it is visible and mold can vary in coloration. Mold can be gray, black, green, even yellow. Mold growth has a very unpleasant smell or odor. If you have tried getting rid of this odor that you simply cannot locate or the smell just won’t go away no matter the effort, it is very possible that you may have mold growing in the property. If this is the case it is very important to make sure of the fact whether or not you do or do not have mold contamination in the property.


The first thing you must know concerning mold is the fact that mold damage cannot exist without the presence of water. Water is much to do with the presence of mold. Mold growth can occur if your building or home has recently suffered from water damage caused by a flood, storm, plumbing or pipe leaks. In many cases, you may not even be aware that you even have a leak or even water damage in the home because it’s not that obvious because it may be in a hidden area such as an attic, a roof, or in the wall, etc.

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Mold can grow in humid and wet areas. Water damage is the root cause to all mold growth. Mold grows on walls, drywall, ceilings, and corners of the home that can typically be humid or moist. Mold can also grow behind walls in which case the presence of the mold damage may not be obvious to the naked eye. In this case our team of Phoenix mold inspection professionals must utilize proper tools such as moisture meters in order to help us identify mold contaminated areas that are not completely visible to the human eye.

In order to provide a complete mold inspection, this will require the use of top industry standard equipment such as advanced thermometers, inspection cameras, and moisture meters. We may or may not use these devices during a visual mold inspection, only if needed to determine mold contamination. If mold is found in the property than we will need the use of these devices for a complete Phoenix mold inspection.

ASAP Restoration, LLC provides a very cost effective visual mold damage inspection for only $99.00. If you suspect that you may have mold in your home, this is a very cost effective way to determine whether or not if mold is present in the structure.Our team of certified mold professionals can quickly identify mold growth in your property.

This mold inspection special applies to a visual mold inspection ONLY. This means that a certified mold professional will completely identify all areas in the home that are contaminated with questionable areas with discoloration present. This is special is for home and business owners to quickly know for sure if there is mold contamination. A further more detailed Phoenix mold inspection can be conducted, however the price will be much different because the mold inspection process is much more thorough and involved as opposed to a visual mold damage inspection of the property. We are IICRC Certified and are highly trained in handling all types of mold contamination situations.

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