The professionals at ASAP Restoration can help you with all of your fire damage and Phoenix smoke damage restoration needs 24 hours a day. It’s important to remove all debris contaminated with smoke, smoke residue can spread quickly and must be contained in order for proper removal and restoration

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Quality Fire And Smoke Damage Repair In Phoenix

It’s always an unpredictable moment when you have a fire in your home. It’s never something you can truly plan for. ASAP Restoration has restored many homes that have suffered from Phoenix fire or smoke damage with success. In many cases concerning Phoenix fire damage, we may have to rebuild walls, alter various parts of rooms, flooring, etc. It really turns into a large Phoenix home improvement job. We are licensed general contractors who specialize in all aspects of home remodeling services in Arizona.

Smoke Damage Contamination

Phoenix smoke damage contamination can be very unhealthy. The residue can spread fast and can move quickly into cooler areas as well as upper levels of a building structure. It attacks the holes or gaps in the in between spaces of a structure including plumbing areas. This volume of smoke can have a serious impact on fire damage restoration efforts and must be contained immediately as to prevent further damage. It is important to get the air moving in a smoke damaged building or home. ASAP Restoration will isolate all smoke damaged areas and begin the restoration process once the cost of the damage has been assessed.

Types of Smoke Damage:

  • Fuel Oil Soot: This type of smoke soot comes from gas furnaces, some sort of gas leak that was the root cause of the fire in the first place, etc.
  • Wet Smoke Residues: This type of Phoenix smoke and fire damage is caused when the fire department uses water no effort to put out the flames leaving behind wet smoke residue caused by the use of water.
  • Protein Residues: This type of smoke damage has a very strong unpleasant odor that is typically invisible to the eye but causes a discoloration in paint and other varnishes.
  • Dry Smoke Residues: This is the result of fires at high temperatures causing severe damage to walls, structures, etc. Please see the pic to the top right of the page for an example of dry smoke residue.

Fire Damage Restoration


There are many dangers of fire and smoke damage during the aftermath of a fire. The smoke from the Phoenix fire damage can be very dangerous, and even more dangerous for the crew that is responsible for the restoration efforts. Here are some of the health risks associated with Phoenix smoke and fire damage:

  • Smoke can cause serious irritation and damage to eyes
  • Smoke contains carbon monoxide which is extremely hazardous if inhaled, a breathing mask is essential
  • Smoke damage inhalation can be a serious health risk that can permanently effect the respiratory system.
  • Smoke can effect the body’s supply of oxygen
  • Wood smoke can even depress the human immune system
  • Long term exposure to smoke damage can pose an increased risk for cancer, lung disease, and even cardiovascular disease.
  • Smoke damage exposure can cause throat and nose irritations if exposed only for a short term.

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